There are two ways to send your tokens:

  • To an external address

  • Moving tokens between chains within your account

In this article, we cover the external address option

Send to address

This is used to send tokens to an external address outside your current account.

  1. Click on the top right of the dashboard on [Send]

  2. Click on [Send to address]

  3. Enter the address to which you want to send your tokens

  4. Add a Memo - Reference. This is an important step if the recipient is a CEX (Centralized Exchange)

  5. Check the box for "I have reviewed the address and understand that if it is incorrect, my sent funds may be lost" and click [Continue].

  6. Choose the tokens you want to send

  7. Enter the amount:

    1. You can select the amount in USD or in tokens, by clicking on "You can choose"

  8. Review the transaction fees

  9. Click [Continue]

  10. Select [Confirm and continue]

  11. [Approve] in the Keplr pop-up

Transactions should be complete within a couple of seconds. You will see that the summary of your transaction is executed.


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