The Segments feature allows you to create a subsection of your customer list, so you can send more targeted messages. Once a customer segment has been created, you can use it in automated Experiences messaging or in Broadcasts.

Creating Segments

You can create new customer segments via the Segments tab in your Emotive dashboard.

  1. Log into your Emotive dashboard

  2. Click “Segments” on the left

  3. Click “Create New Segment”

  4. Title your segment

  5. Set your segment rules

  6. Click “Create Segment”

You can create segments based on a few different qualifiers:


  • Has abandoned their cart

  • Has answered a question via Experiences

  • Has or hasn't been messaged

  • Has or hasn't clicked a Broadcast link

  • Has or hasn't opted in

  • Has or hasn't ordered

  • Has spent

  • Has abandoned cart value (Shopify only)

  • Has lifetime spend (Shopify only)

  • Was created in (Shopify only)


  • Has a tag

  • Is included or excluded


  • State

  • Timezone

By using the “OR” and “AND” functions, you can combine qualifiers to create a unique segment. For example:

How to access Klaviyo segments

If you use Klaviyo, you can target customers who are part of a specific Klaviyo list. Note: You must integrate Emotive with Klaviyo to use this segment rule. If you haven't already integrated, follow these instructions.

Once you've integrated, you'll see the option "Has Klaviyo List." From the drop down, select “Has Klaviyo List, “Is a member of,” and choose the Klaviyo list you’d like to segment by.

How to create Conversational segments

With Conversational Segments you can target your customers based on how they respond to conversations in Emotive. Create segments based on insights collected through conversations like:

  • Product preferences: size, color, style

  • Personal attributes: occupation, hair color, dress size

How it works

1. Make sure you have a two-way Experience set up. Each question has a series of answer tags that we generate through Experiences. Our Shopping Experts will tag each customer response accordingly.

2. Then, you’re ready to create a Conversational Segment! On the Segments tab, click “Has Answered,” “From Experience,” and then select the Experience you want to use answers from.

3. Then choose the question from the Experience and the answer you want to target.

  • See example below: Select the question asking about size, and then create a segment of everyone who answered that their size is Medium.

4. Once you click "Create Segment," you're all set. You can see all Conversational Segments you've created on the Segments page.

Managing Segments

You can edit a segment as needed, or archive it when it is no longer applicable to your needs.

  1. Log into your Emotive dashboard

  2. Click “Segments” on the left

  3. Click “Edit” to update a segment - make your changes and “Save Segment”

  4. Click “Archive” to remove a segment you no longer need 

Using Segments

Once a segment has been created, it will appear as a usable option in both the “Experiences” and the “Broadcast” tabs. Simply select your segment from the drop down menu when creating your message.



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