The billing portal makes it easy to view all of your invoices in one place.

We recently updated our billing portal. Anything that was removed can now be found in your analytics dashboard.

Current usage

This section helps you keep an eye on usage throughout the month by displaying how many total segments you’ve sent so far this month.

Click “Set Usage Alert” to receive an email when you’ve reached a certain message amount each month. The alert will not automatically pause your campaigns, but you can pause them yourself at any time.


  • Your invoices are broken out by platform fee and monthly messaging so you can easily understand your costs.

  • Clearly see the date issued and the date due, if applicable.

  • The Status column tells you whether the invoice is open, paid, or void.

  • The Amount column tells you the amount due for each invoice.

  • The Action column gives you the ability to pay, view or download each invoice.

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