What are Experiences?

Experiences allow you to easily build more in-depth conversational flows to automate two-way conversations at scale. Whether it's recovering abandoned carts, driving re-orders, re-engaging leads, or following up with customers- we have an experience that can be customized for you.

You can watch a video overview of Experiences here:

Table of Contents

Summary of features

Visual Builder

Easily craft an Experience with our visual builder.

Version Control

Publish changes or restore previous versions of your Experience flows.


Get visibility into performance, including subscribers, revenue, and conversions.

How does this replace Sequences?

Experiences can do everything Sequences was able to do and MORE!!!

  • Sequences was the old way to create message flows, however, it was limited in helping you create 2-way conversations.

  • Don't worry, we have converted your existing Sequences into Experiences.

  • All sequences that were live will continue to be active in Experiences.

  • All data (conversion rates, sales, etc.) from the old Sequence will not be migrated, but we will link to the old Sequences from the Experiences list page so you can access your old data.

Check below for more FAQs.

Templates and common use cases

Our Experiences templates provide everything you need for common use cases, such as welcoming new subscribers or following up with customers about their abandoned checkout.

Once you’re on the Experiences tab, click the “New Experience” button to view our template library. You can modify any of our Experiences templates to fit your needs. You can see a full list of all Experiences templates here.

Detailed feature list

Experiences Settings


Notes & Customer Value

Determine who will receive an Experience (via Triggers)

Triggers determine when a subscriber enter an Experience.

Some examples:

  • Subscriber orders a product

  • Subscriber abandons their checkout

  • Subscriber clicks a link

  • Subscriber opts-in (subscribes)

Determine if customers can enter an Experience once or more than once (Allow customers to enter an Experience)

By default, customers can only enter an Experience once. This ensures you don't have the same conversation with customers multiple times. Select "more than once" to allow shoppers to enter an Experience an unlimited number of times. This is ideal for order-related Experiences (i.e., shipped and delivered triggers).

Filter who receives an Experience (select a specific Segment)

Segments can be used as filters on top of Triggers to further refine who will enter an Experience. By default, an Experience will target Everyone as the Segment.

Set the trigger schedule for an Experience

Schedules determine when an Experience should trigger. If a subscriber triggers an Experience outside of a schedule’s hours (eg. subscriber triggers at 6pm and schedule set for 9am-5pm) the experience will begin at the next available time that the schedule has available.

Discount code attribution

Enter the discount code that we will use as one of our attribution methods for an Experience. If no discount code is entered, we will default to other attribution methods.

Set who leaves an Experience (via Exit Rules)

Exit Rules determine who will leave an Experience if their conditions are met.

Exit rules:

  • When a subscriber orders while in an Experience (configurable)

  • When a subscriber doesn’t respond for 24 hours, delays set in Experiences will not be impacted (system default)

  • When an Experience is finished sending (system default)

Flow Builder


Notes & Customer Value

Design an Experience with our visual flow builder

  • Add delay (Experience is delayed for the set time)

  • Add simple message (text, links, images)

  • Add question (responses are handled by Shopping Expert)Add reply (response that a Shopping expert is presented)Add no-reply (delay + response that prompts a customer to respond)

Variables allow a Brand to dynamically insert copy into their Experience elements. Variable options change based on the Experiences trigger (eg. “Highest priced item” for Abandoned Checkout trigger vs. “Items” for Order). Global variables like “Name” will be available for all triggers.

Preview Experience

Simulate how the Experience will look like on a subscriber’s phone. Clicking on an element will preview a particular message branch.

Inspect Experience

Inspector (🤔) will validate if an Experience’s flow is valid (ie., has copy in each of its elements, has delays set, etc.). It will inform a Brand if the flow is valid by affirming with a green checkmark.

Zoom in, zoom out of Flow

Zoom in, or zoom out of an Experience’s flow.

Undo, redo action in Experience

Undo, or redo actions like copy changes or adding/deleting elements.

Publish, Activation & Analytics


Notes & Customer Value

Publish a new version of an Experience

When an Experience is new, or there are changes, it is in draft mode. A Brand publish a new version of an Experience from a draft version by clicking Publish.

A Brand can publish a new version to an inactive Experience.

Any new subscriber to an Experience will get the latest version of the Experience. If an Experience is active when publishing a new version, subscribers that triggered previous versions will continue to receive the previous version of Experience until they satisfy an Exit Rule.

Activate, deactivate an Experience

Activating an Experience will start its trigger.

Experience version control

View and restore previous version of an Experience. A Brand can restore an older version and choose to publish it. The 👀 show which Experience version is being viewed. When a Brand is making changes to an Experience it is in draft mode. Changes will not impact

Experience analytics


  • Total sales = $ that are attributed to this Experience

  • Total customers = # of customers that have triggered the Experience

  • Total active = # of customers that are currently actively in the Experience

  • # Conversions, conversion rate

  • # Responses, response rate

  • # Clicks, click through rate

  • # Opt-outs, opt out rate


When will Experiences be available?

Experiences will be made available to our early access brands on Jan 15, 2021.

What happens to existing Sequences when a Brand switches to Experiences?

We’ll automatically convert your existing Sequences into Experiences. All sequences that were live will continue to be active in Experiences. All data (conversion rates, sales, etc.) from the old Sequence will not be migrated, but we will link to the old Sequences from the Experiences list page so you can access your old data.

Will old Sequences still work?

Old Sequences will be available ONLY for viewing your historical data. As mentioned, all Sequences will be converted to Experiences and you will now manage any existing sequences inside Experiences.

What happens when I publish a new version of an already active Experience?

If an Experience has already been active when publishing a new version subscribers that triggered the previous version will continue to receive it until they have satisfied the conditions of an Exit Rule (ie. Ordered, No reply within 24 hours, Experience has finished sending). All new subscribers that trigger an Experience will receive the newest version.

How does a Shopping Expert actually respond to subscribers?

Whenever a Brand adds a Question, the Shopping Expert is the first line of defense when a customer responds to an Experience. The Replies that a Brand associates with a Question element are presented as options for the Shopping Experts. Shopping Experts can handoff responses (like questions about product returns or item ingredients) to the Conversation Portal for the Brand.

We recommend that a Brand sets clear and obvious Replies to Questions. For example, using boolean states (”yes/no”, “interested/not interested”) or choosing from a list of options (“blue/black/orange”, “large/medium/small”) so that Shopping Experts can easily manage the response from the customer.

How can I request new features or enhancements?

We’d ❤️ to hear it! You can submit your request via our chatbot.

What do I do if I find a bug or I have issues with an Experience?

Similar to features, please submit your finding via our chatbot. We’ll create a ticket and investigate the issue.

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