Mobile Conversations enables responding to customers on the go right from your smartphone. No need to be at your desk when a customer responds to you while you're out.

How to get it

Navigate to on your mobile device and use your existing login credentials. You can save Mobile Conversations as an app on your phone's home screen for quick access.

Saving Mobile Conversations as an app

High-level feature overview

Watch a video overview of Mobile Conversations here:

Conversation list

The list of all of your customer conversations in a conversation queue. Here we'll show a preview of the latest message from a customer in the conversation list as well as their name or phone number.

By default, your conversation list is sorted from newest to oldest where the newest customer conversation will rise to the top. You can sort from oldest to newest, too.

We'll show you whether a conversation has been read or unread, including the number of unread responses in a conversation thread.

We also have swipe actions:

  • Swipe left-to-right on a conversation to Opt-out customer or close a conversation

  • Swipe right-to-left on a conversation to mark a conversation unread

Conversation thread

When you click into a customer conversation you are presented with the conversation thread. Here we'll show all of the messages back and forth between you and the customer.

We'll also highlight specific actions:

  • When a customer subscribed

  • When a customer orders

  • When a Shopping Expert does a conversation handoff

Customer profile

We'll show you details about the customer for context when you're responding to them. You can tap the customer profile icon in the upper right hand corner of the conversation thread to show the customer profile.

  • Customer name

  • Customer phone number

  • Opt-in date

  • Order history (including order numbers, etc.)

The top bar will show you the customer name, or phone number.

Conversation queue

We've separated your conversations into their own queues:

  • Conversations - all open conversations either read or unread

  • Handoffs - all conversations that are sent to your conversations via a Shopping Expert handoff

  • Closed - all closed conversations

Universal search

Our search lets you search by:

  • Customer name, or phone number

  • Conversation message content, ie. specific text like "return"

Other resources

Saving Mobile Conversations as an app

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