Who is Emplify?

Emplify conducts employee engagement surveys for organizations to better understand how employees feel about their work experience. The survey process starts with a 6-minute survey to understand the level of engagement at your organization and in your teams. The survey also identifies areas that are engagement strengths and weaknesses. We present the survey data in our Insights Portal to authorized company leaders.

What is employee engagement?

We define employee engagement as "an employee's intellectual and emotional connection to an employer, demonstrated by motivation and commitment to positively impact the company vision and goals."

Employee engagement is an intense state of mind characterized by a drive and focus on work and a dedication to meeting an employer's goals. Engaged employees invest their whole selves into their work and take ownership in the outcome of their efforts. Learn more about how we measure employee engagement here.

What do the numbers and colors mean in the portal?

We typically see the Emplify Score at the top of the portal range between 50 and 90 for a team of people. When looking at Engagement Drivers, blues represent strengths for your team while orange and red indicate weaknesses.

What should I look for?

The first view in the portal is Welcome. Look at your group score(s) to understand if they are higher or lower than the organization. Click on any group name for more details. When viewing the results for a group, look at the Focus Areas as these are things that Emplify has identified will make an impact on engagement for your employees. Hover over the terms to read the definition of these engagement drivers.

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