We want to make sure ENDVR stays exclusively for retail employees like you, but we also know that when more users are on board, the more opportunities you'll have to participate in missions that earn you cash & prizes.

How to see your current colleagues

STEP 1 - Click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner.

STEP 2 - Here you'll find a list of the employees currently registered at your store, by clicking on any of the names you can start chatting with them.

If you see someone that shouldn't be there (whether they left, got fired, or perhaps never worked there), you can let us know by tapping the user profile, clicking 'Report this employee' and let us know why you're doing so. We'll do a quick investigation and remove them if need be!

Referring new colleagues

Inviting your colleagues couldn't be easier, and we'll actually pay you for helping to get your co-workers on-board.  To start, click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner.

Click 'Refer & Earn', then hit the 'refer' button to send your unique referral code to your co-workers by text, e-mail or air drop!

As soon as they sign up and complete their first approved mission in the app, we'll deposit $1 in your ENDVR account that you can cash out anytime! 

And remember, it's not just for referring colleagues!  You can refer anyone you know works in retail and would love to have the opportunity to earn more money on ENDVR at their store! 

Did you know you can earn $100 by referring a business to ENDVR? Click here to learn how!

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