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Invite Retailers

Let your retailers join you on ENDVR!

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With "Invite Retailers" you can now invite all of your retailers and let them know that you're on ENDVR.

Step 1 - Go into the "Stores" tab and select "Invite Retailers"

โ€‹Step 2 - Invite your retailers

Download the Template and fill in:

  • Name of the retailers

  • Email addresses

  • Contact name

After completing the template, click on "Upload List" to invite your retailers.

Once you've added the file, select "Preview" to have a look at the email that gets sent out to your retailers.

โ€‹Step 3 - Email Preview

The Email will provide your retailers with useful information about ENDVR and lets them download the app, as well as a poster.

Select "Send" to share this invite with your retailers.

Step 4 - Let your retailers sign up & participate in your campaigns

Any questions? Reach out to !

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