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Sales Incentives with Dynamic Rewards
Sales Incentives with Dynamic Rewards

Add multiple rewards in the same campaign!

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Create one campaign with dynamic rewards!

This feature allows you to reward your sales associates to earn different rewards within one campaign, depending on which product they're selling.

Step 1 - Create a new "Sales Incentives" campaign

Select "Money" as reward type and click on "Confirm".

Step 2 - Activate "Dynamic cash rewards"

Note: For the "Dynamic cash rewards" field to appear, you must have added multiple items in the mission you've created (see example below).

Step 3 - Enter rewards per item

You can now insert all the products that participate in this campaign and decide which reward should be given to the sales associates for selling this product.


Product A, B & C will issue a $5 reward.

Product D, E & F will issue a $10 reward.

A maximum of 3 different cash rewards can be added.

Step 4 - Confirm your selected items & rewards

Once everything has been added to the campaign, select "Confirm" to proceed.

Step 5 - Decide how often users can unlock your reward

Step 6 - Reward Setup Overview

You'll now be given an overview to review the selected items and their rewards.

Everything looks good? Hit "Confirm" to continue building your campaign.

Step 7 - Launch your campaign!

Great job! You can now launch your campaign and take advantage of the dynamic cash rewards.

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