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How does enerflo define terms?

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Q: What is a lead?

A: A lead is a potential customer that has not yet been contacted.

Q: What is a deal?

A: A deal is a lead that has been contacted and is or has at one point been on the path to going solar.

Q: What is a Solar Design Request?

A: A series of questions that the Sales Rep fills out and the Designer uses to create the solar panel system proposal. On this page, the Sales Rep will indicate how quickly they need the design request back and other specific information your organization has requested be gathered and submitted to the Designer to assist in creating the Solar System Proposal and Slideshow.

Q: What is Solar Pricing?

A: This is the Solar Proposal Pricing generated by the Solar Design Request. A Sales Rep will be able to view this page, but will not be able to make any edits to it. The fields will be grayed out. The pricing information on this page is used to generate the Solar System Proposal and Slideshow.

Q: What is a Proposal?

A: The Solar System Proposal is what is created from the information on the Solar Pricing page. It is a slideshow presentation that the Sales Rep uses to review going solar with the customer. The last page of the Proposal has the pricing for the solar panel system as well as the financing option. The contract or agreement are also accessed through the Proposal until it has been signed by the customer.

Q: What is an Agreement or Contract?

A: The Agreement or Installation Contract outlines the details of the Solar Panel System size, pricing, financing, adders, and any other details regarding the project. It is a legal document that requires the homeowner and the designated company representative to sign prior to the project moving to the next stage of installation.

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