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How does Enerflo Messaging System Work?

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Q: How does Enerflo Messaging System Work?

A: Great question! We all know communication is key for closing a deal and keeping it on track. Enerflo is here to assist you in making that happen. The enerflo messaging system is available for chats and messages in two different areas and for two different purposes.

The first is between enerflo and you, the Sales Team/Installer User. You can access the link to chat with us from the Customer Information page or from the drop-down menu beneath your name using the "Talk to Enerflo" option. The purpose of this chat is for technical questions or concerns related to the enerflo application or to get in touch with the integrated Design Team Solar Proposal Solutions.

The second is between you, the Sales Team/Installer, and your customer. It is accessed from the Customer Portal page. If you have enerflo open, the system will not generate an email response for the message. Why? Because the system knows you are in the application and therefore assumes you are going to see the message. Keeping your inbox free from excess communication that reduces productivity. Cool right! Enerflo will send an email of the message if there is no activity within the application after 3 minutes of the message being sent. This applies to your customer as well. If they are active in their Customer Portal when messaging you, they will see your message right away. If they are not, they will receive an email of the message 3 minutes after it has been sent.

Coming Soon: There will be a third internal chat and messaging option between the Installer and the Sales Representative for the customer, to allow for easier communication to keep the install going smoothly. This option will be available from the Install Tracker < > My Installs Views. We will send an update when this additional communication option is live.

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