Switching to Network's Adsense

Once you join the Network, all your revenue will flow through the Network’s AdSense account. You will be paid via the Network-level AdSense going forward.

You will notice that the previous analytics data will not be visible, but no need to be alarmed. The data will be updated again from the first day you linked your channel to the network.

If you joined the Network mid-month, or sometime after the 1st, you may observe lower earnings in the last trailing 28-30 days period. This is because you linked halfway through the month, and half of your last month's analytics disappeared. It doesn't mean you are earning half of what you used to earn, do not worry. You will not lose your base AdSense ads when linking to our network, so it's impossible to earn less.

If you have revenue accumulated for the month before joining the Network, YouTube will pay you out via AdSense (considering you hit the $100.00 threshold). In case you switched from a previous Network, the revenue will be paid in accordance with your terms of the agreement.

Payment Schedule

Monetization revenues generated from your YouTube channel and videos will be paid in accordance with the Network’s regular payment schedule.

YouTube ad revenue earnings payments are processed on the 1st of each month. If for whatever reason, the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment will be made on the last business day prior.

Payments are sent out roughly 27 - 33 days after the month when your channel generated revenue. For example, if your channel generated revenue in January, this revenue will be paid on March 1 or a few days before March 1. Our payments are sent out from our United States team (Central Standard Time). Depending on what time-zone you are in, you may not receive your payment until 1-day or so later on in the month.

Payment Methods

You may receive your revenue via Bank Transfer, PayPal, or International Bank Transfer for those abroad and outside the Network’s country of operations (United States).

To avoid payments being delayed or withheld, please make sure you have entered your correct payment details on your Creator Dashboard account.

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