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How to leverage Tracked Links
How to leverage Tracked Links
This articles helps Engraffo users leverage Tracked Links within their Projects
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Tracked Links is a valuable function on the Engraffo application to help maximize reader engagement. It can be performed by any publisher or customer and on any enabled Project (Engraffo Plus).

This feature allows you to segment allotted views into an unlimited number of unique, derivative links. In other words, you can create new links for any reason, and each of these will lead readers directly to your Project’s content. Furthermore, you will have analytics on each of these new links along with the ability to compare performance against each other and against time.

Let’s look at an example:

Pharma Customer A has recently received market approval for a new product and they have secured a link for one year and 10,000 views to their published clinical results. Over the coming year, they intend to disseminate their Engraffo Project link to HCPs through the following channels:

  • Approved email blast via CRM

  • Kiosks at upcoming conferences

  • Flash cards with QR code distribution

  • Mid-year email blast via CRM

  • Post-detailing follow-up email

While a single link would capture the aggregate statistics from these various events, it would not provide any channel-specific performance data. Tracked Links allow you to create unique links for each of these events. You can track link performance individually while comparing statistics across the board. This will give you direct insight into the most effective means of disseminating content to HCPs and allow you to pivot strategies in the future to achieve best outcomes.

Furthermore, the order presentation of Projects with multiple assets can be reshuffled so customers can perform A/B testing and compare the effectiveness of different presentation strategies.

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