One of the biggest distinguishing factors that Engraffo offers is our ability to support many asset types within your projects. Different assets allows you to offer medium beyond the standard article, including powerful and engaging media to supplement your valuable content.

Below is a list of asset categories we support:

  • Flipbook Article

  • HTML Article

  • Abstract / Summary

  • Audio

  • Video

  • Image

  • iFrame

  • Infographic

Below is a description of each asset to help you understand how you can utilize them within the context of an Engraffo Project:

Flipbook Article

If you would like a more traditional approach, Engraffo offers a PDF flipbook experience. It is mobile-friendly, offers a table of contents and thumbnails, searching with keyword highlighting, and optional printing, downloading, and sharing capabilities. You can upload the PDF for immediate flipbook creation.

File type supported: pdf

HTML Article

Converting an article, short-form summary or infographic PDF into HTML can provide a superior reading experience for the HCP. Text is more easily read on mobile devices and can be searched in more traditional ways. You can upload your article PDF for automatic HTML conversion.

File type supported: pdf

Abstract / Summary

Abstracts and summaries are a very simple and useful way of distilling complex concepts and highlighting key takeaways from in-depth content. This option can incorporate text and images in various layouts. This is an easy option to deploy and makes for a great lead-in to your article.

File type(s) supported: text editor + png/jpg/gif


KOL and lead author interviews, podcasts, article narrations, and roundtable discussions are an incredible way to glean expert insight into the therapies and treatments highlighted in a respective article.

File type supported: mp3


Videos are always a fantastic way to engage with readers and add additional perspective. Interviews with KOLs, lead authors introductions, or demonstration videos can offer tremendous clinical insight. Explainer videos can highlight article takeaways in a unique, enriching way.

File type(s) supported: mp4/h.264


Static illustrations, abstract summaries, and infographics are very effective engagement lead-ins. Whether displayed alone or in conjunction with supportive literature, images are a powerful viewing asset.

File type(s) supported: png/jpg/gif


Embedded content that is hosted on other servers can also be added. This provides a way to bring in 3rd party assets or publisher hosted assets into Engraffo. While iFrame limits the amount of analytics that can be captured by Engraffo, it’s highly suited for complex server-side data hosted by either the publisher or the client.

File type supported: URL address


Utilize dynamic and interactive infographics and 3d illustrations to help visualize data and relay critical information in a very consumable format. These graphics can animate static graphs, charts, and figures from articles or highlight supplemental data not possible in 2d form. This asset class requires custom work from the Engraffo team.

File type supported: custom html

Example of Project with multiple assets:

These assets can be stacked and shuffled within Projects for a customized presentation and reading experience. Below is a generic example to illustrate a Project utilizing an article abstract with cover image, full article flipbook, audio interview with the author, and a video.

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