Over the course of a Project's preparation, you may need to make certain requests or provide certain information to your publisher or vendor contact. This line of communication can be fully managed within Engraffo through a Project Request.

Examples: Some examples of a customer-driven request might include the placement of a code, disclaimer, or logo on your article, sharing Prescribing or Supplemental information, or editing the titles or description of assets.

Initiating a Project Request is very easy. Simply click on the Request tab near the top of your Project page.

Next, click on New Project Request.

From the drop down box entitled 'Request is directed at this team', choose the appropriate team - which will either be the publisher or your vendor. In the text editor, you can craft and stylize your message. Lastly, you can attach a file if necessary.

Click Save and Close. Your publisher or vendor will receive an immediate email notification and address your request in due course. Similarly, any response to your request will trigger an immediately email notification to you.

Once the request is completed, either party can mark the request as Complete.

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