Engraffo is a team-based application. Teams allow Engraffo users to share access to the Engraffo application and Projects with other colleagues in their organization. Each member of a team has the same level of permission and accessibility - meaning each team member can access and alter Projects and invite other members.

Registered Engraffo users can belong to many teams, and creating a new team is very simple.

How to Create a New Team

To create a new team within Engraffo, simply click on your team name in the upper left corner of the application - the button will be labeled with your current team name. This action will prompt a modal to appear which allow you to:

  • Create a new team, or

  • Select another team from which you already belong to

Click on the Create a New Team button and enter the required information:

  • Company Name

  • Team Name

Congratulations! You can now invite other members from your organization to join your new team. At any time, you can switch between teams by clicking on the button with your team name (upper left corner of the application).

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