how to apply a manual tuition charge in Enrollsy

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NOTE: This only pertains to V1 Billing, NOT to our new V2 Billing (if you have Payment Plans, you have V2 Billing). Auto-Billing settings are done within the Payment Plan settings. Click here to learn how to edit your Payment Plans.

Sometimes you need to add tuition manually. Here are a few use cases we hear from time to time:

  • An Enrollee drops from a program and then comes back. You want to avoid charging enrollment fees or anything else, and there is no need for them to re-enroll, but it's the middle of a tuition cycle.

  • A family requires a one-off billing schedule for some reason.

  • You have a drop-in option, and Auto-Billing is not possible. You need to charge for tuition on an as-needed basis.

Follow these steps to add a Tuition charge manually:

Step 1 - Open the Transaction Drawer

Open the transaction drawer using the left sidebar Transactions.

Step 2 - Search for Account/Select Program

Search for the Account and select the Enrollee Program this tuition charge (or payment if you are trying to collect tuition) will apply to.

Step 3 - Post Charge

Next, select the "Post Charge" checkbox:

Step 4 - Set Up Charge

In the "Set Up Charge" section, scroll down and check the "Charge Tuition" checkbox. If you need to modify the amount of the charge, do that.

Step 5 - Post Charge

Click "Post," and that's it!

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