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NOTE: This only pertains to V1 Billing, NOT to our new V2 Billing (if you have Payment Plans, you have V2 Billing).

Posting a Charge

As an Admin, when you post a "charge," you are recording tuition or some other fee to a customer's account. It's essentially creating an invoice for a certain amount of money.

Posting a Payment

This is also called "charging someone's card/bank account."

When you post a "payment," you are collecting and recording either an electronic payment (credit/debit card or ACH) that will be taken out of the customer's account at the time you post it, or you are recording cash or check payments made to you.

How to Post a Charge or a Payment

Step 1a - Transactions

Click Transactions in the left menu bar to post either a charge or payment OR...

how to post a chare or payment in Enrollsy

Step 1b - Transaction History

Search for the account in the search bar, and click on the Billing page. Scroll down to the Transaction History. Click on the three dots and then Post Transaction. This pulls up the same window with the Account name pre-filled.

Step 2 - Post Charge/Payment

Search for the person's name in the search bar, click "post charge" or "post-payment," and Post.

Be sure to select the Enrollee if the charge/payment is for a specific enrollment.

posting a charge or payment in Enrollsy

For the remaining steps, see the article How to post a Payment or Charge.

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