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How to view new Text Messages as an Admin
How to view new Text Messages as an Admin

Enrollsy text messages are read per user account and marked with a red circle for easy access

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A bell icon is located in the upper-right corner with an alert badge and red numbers indicating how many unread text messages you have.

notication alert badge in Enrollsy

Click on the bell to open the Notification Center. Admin Users must set their OWN notifications in the new Notification Center. Learn how to set Admin Notifications in this support article.

Not only can you get notifications of text messages, but we also have the following Notifications:

When a new Customer text message is received, the notification of a new unread message is displayed for all Admins and/or Instructors. The action of one of them marking the message as read does not mark it as read for the other. This ensures everyone can be in the loop on all text communications.

You can also view a text message on a Customer's Billing or Account page.

NOTE: All SMS notifications will be deleted after 60 days!

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