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Once you create your original E-signature Document(s), we know you may need to update them at some point. These are the options you have when needing to update an E-signature Document.

Swap out the Document

As of the writing of this article, we are the only ones who can swap out a document. There are some stipulations in going this route:

  • Your new PDF Document must be the same number of pages or more (NOT FEWER) as your existing Document

  • The exact number of pages can be swapped out with fields intact

  • More pages than the original will require us to copy and paste fields or add new fields for brand-new Documents

  • You may have to map some fields depending on the new Document

  • This will REPLACE your current Document.


  1. Contact us via Support Chat in the Enrollsy app

  2. Attach the new PDF Document in the chat, and tell us the name of the original E-signature Document you want it swapped out with

  3. Let us know if the new Document is the same number of pages or more. If it is more, let us know if they need to have fields or be mapped (in the Design Editor)

Design Editor in Enrollsy

New Document has Fewer pages than the original

If the updated E-signature Document is fewer pages than the original, you must create a new E-signature Document. Click here to learn how to create a new E-signature Document.

NOTE: We CAN assist with this process by copying and pasting the original fields onto the new Document. However, you will need to map these fields. Please browse through this support article for assistance with our Design Editor and how to map fields.

Duplicate Documents

If you need to RETAIN the history of E-signature Documents, we can make a duplicate E-sign Document, naming them by the year or Enrollment Period, then copy & paste the fields.

Follow the same instructions listed above.

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