NOTE: This only pertains to V1 Billing, NOT to our new V2 Billing (if you have Payment Plans, you have V2 Billing). Auto-Pay settings are done within the Payment Plan settings.

It's simple to adjust your automatic payment settings. These are set at the company level. Head over to My Company:

my company page in Enrollsy

Step 1

Click on Payment Settings and choose one of the three options under "Auto-Pay Settings." You can allow customers to opt in or out of Auto-Pay, force everyone to have Auto-Pay on, or hide Auto-Pay altogether.

Here is also where you can decide your Payment Fees (i.e., Convenience Fees for ACH and/or Credit Card payments passed on to your customers).

adjust payment settings in Enrollsy

Step 2

Scroll down to the heading "Auto-Processing Schedules." Check this box to turn Auto-Pay on. NOTE: This is a COMPANY setting, so if you turn it off here, you turn it off for everyone in the Company.

set auto-pay settings in Enrollsy

Step 3

Adjust your Auto-Pay frequency (choosing monthly or weekly). You can also pick every two, three...up to 12 months/weeks. Select the day of the month or the day of the week. We allow you to customize when Auto-Pay happens.

And if you have someone who needs to pay on a different schedule, that's okay! Simply set up their own Auto-Pay schedule.

Step 4

Set your start date by clicking the button. The schedule you set will auto-populate, so you can see exactly when payments will be taken out.

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