NOTE: This only pertains to V1 Billing, NOT to our new V2 Billing (if you have Payment Plans, you have V2 Billing). Auto-Billing settings are done within the Payment Plan settings. Click here to learn how to edit your Payment Plans.

Auto-Billing is when your Programs are billed, set on a company-wide schedule. The Auto-Billing schedule can easily be adjusted. Simply open your program in the My Company settings in the Programs Tab. Under Payment Settings, scroll down to "Auto-Processing Schedules" (see below).

Set custom Auto-Billing schedule in Enrollsy

Here you do a variety of things to set up your custom Auto-Billing Schedule:

  • Frequency - Set your billing frequency to either weekly or monthly, then under "Every," choose an option e.g., Monthly every month or Weekly every 2 weeks)

  • Day(s) - Click on the day of the week you want billing to run on. If it's set on monthly, choose 1st through the 28th or if it's weekly, chooses Monday through Friday.

  • Automatically generate invoice memo - Check this box to generate an invoice memo attached to charges posted automatically (e.g., "06/01/21 - 06/30/21")

  • Most Recent box - This box shows the most recent Auto-Billing cycle and the most recent Auto-Pay cycle.

Once you make your changes, be sure to click Save!

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