How to view who is on a Payment Plan

Check out Invoices to view past, current, and future Payment Plans

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The best way to view Payment Plans is on the new Invoices page.

Step 1 - Choose Location (if applicable)

The first step is to select the correct location in the upper-right corner if you have more than one.

Step 2 - Select Date Range

Next, select the date range by clicking the "Select data range" button.

select date range of invoices in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Choose Invoice Type

The next step is to choose which type of Invoice you want to view:

  • Current Invoices - Shows current invoices with the current Payment Plan

  • Partial Paid Invoices - Shows any partial payments made with a Payment Plan

  • Paid Invoices - Shows any paid invoices/past Payment Plan(s)

  • Future Invoices - Shows any future invoices with a Payment Plan

view payment plans in Enrollsy

Step 4 - Payment Plan Details

Click on "Details" to see details of the Invoice. Click on Primary Account Holder's name to go to the account Billing page to view more information on the Payment Plan (amounts and due dates).

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