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NOTE: This only pertains to V1 Billing, NOT to our new V2 Billing (if you have Payment Plans, you have V2 Billing).

There are several ways to give Discounts. First, you have to create Discount Items, such as "Sibling Discount." If you have not created any Discount Items yet, learn how to do that here.

Here are the various methods of discounting in Enrollsy:

Coupon Codes (Specials at Enrollment)

Some companies offer specials or "coupons" for certain programs. You may want to offer an Early Bird Special when signing up for a class or any other kind of special. Enrollsy allows you to attach ONE Coupon Code to any program. Customers can only put in one Coupon Code at a time in Enrollment.

See this article for steps to create a Coupon Code (NOTE: The new v2 billing system Enrollment Periods will not use Tuition + Recurring Charges Discount and will only use percentage discounts (not dollar amounts).

One-time Individual Discount

Post a transaction as a Credit. After selecting "Post Credit," scroll down to "Set Up Credit." Here is where you insert the discount amount and the discount's name. This posts a one-time Discount to a person's Account.\

one-time discount in Enrollsy

Individual Recurring Discount (Legacy Billing Only)

To add a Discount that recurs WITH Tuition, click on the Billing tab of the Account. (NOTE: This only applied to Legacy Billing. If you are on V2 Billing -- have Payment Plans -- skip this section).

Step 1 - To the left of the Tuition is the Discount (defaults to Misc. Credit). Click the pencil icon to change the Discount.

one-time discount in Enrollsy
change discount or credit type in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Next, enter the amount of the Discount. This can be done in one of two ways.

  1. The first is a monetary amount. In the example below, the Discount is $10. As you can see, the Tuition amount changes to reflect the Discount (from $60 to $50). Hover over the info icon to see the Tuition and Discount amounts.

    monetary discount in Enrollsy
  2. The second way is a percentage. In the example below, the Discount is now 10% off Tuition. The Tuition reflects that Discount (10% off of $60 is $54; $6 off).

    percentage discount in Enrollsy

  3. Don't forget to click SAVE

NOTE: The Tuition and Discount will run at Auto-Billing as SEPARATE items (see below).

discount and tuition run together in Enrollsy
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