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File Upload: CSV data on Enterpret
File Upload: CSV data on Enterpret

Upload CSV of customer feedback along with metadata to Enterpret

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This guide covers the entire process of ingesting CSV data into the Enterpret platform, from setting up the integration to all the settings along the way.

Before Uploading the File

You can upload any CSV file that contains customer feedback to Enterpret. Uploaded files generally contain the following types of columns:

Customer Feedback Text

These columns hold the text of the customer feedback, the column header is generally the question that the customer feedback is answering). You can also provide the question that the customer feedback is an answer to after uploading your file.

Feedback Metadata

Metadata associated with the feedback. E.g. customer's rating ,CSAT/NPS score, tags, platform data etc.)


The date when the customer shared feedback. All common date formats are supported. If a date is not available, you can set the date to the date of uploading the file automatically while uploading.


An identifier for the customer feedback. If an ID field isn't available, you can generate one while uploading your file.

Creating / Choosing an Integration

Now that you have a file ready, let's get it into Enterpret for analysis! Files can be uploaded to a File Upload (CSV) integration on Enterpret.

You can navigate to the Integrations page by clicking on your organisation logo at the bottom left, and choosing Integrations from the menu that pops up.

If you're uploading a new type of file, or uploading a file for the first time, you'll have to create a new Integration before uploading your file. It's a simple process!

You can skip creating a new integration in case you're uploading a file to an existing file upload integration, e.g. a monthly churn survey for a for the month of August, when data for the months of June and July are already uploaded, , and choose your existing File Upload (CSV) integration, which would likely be called something like File Upload Churn Survey.

Creating an Integration

Click on the + New Integration button at the top of the page to create a new integration.

From the list of possible integrations, find the File Upload integration by searching for it, and click on + Connect.

Choose Feedback Integration from the following screen, since we want to pull customer feedback onto Enterpret using our integration.

Provide a name for your File Upload Integration. You can use this name later to find feedback from your uploaded files while analysing them on Enterpret.

Uploading the File

Choose an existing integration or the integration you created in the previous step, to upload your file.

Click on the Upload File button.

Choose the file you want to upload from your system and confirm.

File Review

The next step is to review the file you've uploaded. You can use this space to rename fields, exclude certain fields, change the metadata type, etc.

Metadata Type

Enterpret support three metadata types:

  1. String: textual metadata. E.g. user email, feedback ID, etc.

  2. Numeric: for numeric metadata fields, like user rating, revenue amount, etc. A numeric metadata field has more operations available while filtering, such as greater than > and less than < operators.

  3. Grouped: Grouped fields are lists of strings. You can think of them like tags on a feedback record. These generally occur as lists of AB tests, manually added tags, or other lists of attributes. You can perform special operations on grouped fields while filtering through feedback, such as, selecting a subset of grouped fields. E.g. find all feedback with the tags exp-home-page-001 OR exp-home-page-004, etc.

Mandatory Fields

A few mandatory fields for the file you've uploaded are:

ID Field: A unique identifier for each feedback. You can generate one if you don't have it in your file.

Feedback Date: The date on which customer shared the feedback. If this is not available, you can set the date of upload as the feedback date.

Feedback Field

At least one field in the uploaded file should hold textual customer feedback. You can also upload files that contain multiple fields holding textual customer feedback.

You can mark these fields by selecting the checkbox on the left:

Feedback Field Name

The feedback field name is special. It tells our ML models what's the context of the customer feedback, so that we can tag them relevant Reasons and Tracked Keywords and better categorise your feedback.

Ideally, the feedback field name should be the same question that your users were answering when they shared the feedback. E.g. How has your experience on <your product> been so far? , etc.

A good feedback field name is a descriptive question that can add helpful context for the feedback and lead to better predictions and categorisation.

You can edit the feedback field name by clicking on the pencil icon in the Name column.

Making the Feedback Field Name Dynamic

Sometimes, the questions your users are answering in the uploaded file change based on the context. For instance, when collecting feedback from a survey about help center articles, the specific article topic varies. So, the question might be: "Did you find the article on creating dashboards helpful?" for one user, while it might be "Did you find the article on scheduling weekly reports helpful?", for another user.

To handle this, you can use a flexible format like:
Did you find the article on {{ help-center topic }} helpful?

To create such dynamic questions, just insert {{ metadata field's name }} into your question. In this example here, {{ help-center topic }} is a placeholder that adapts to different topics, provided that help-center topic is the name of available metadata field.

A relevant question makes it easier for ML models to understand the context in which feedback was shared, leading to more accurate feedback and predictions!


Great! Now that you're done reviewing your uploaded file, specifying feedback fields, ID field and feedback date, you can Submit your file by clicking on the CTA at the top right of the page.

It would take upto 24 hours, depending on the size of the uploaded file, for your uploaded feedback data to be available for analysis. If you run into any issues while uploading your file, please do reach out to the Enterpret team!

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