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Help, I can’t make payment with my card from Nigeria!
Help, I can’t make payment with my card from Nigeria!

Is your Nigerian card not working? This may be an individual bank problem or a browser issue.

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To avoid CBN restrictions on international payments, we highly recommend that all Nigerian users select Paystack as the preferred payment method when signing up to one of our courses.

Should this method fail, please continue to some troubleshooting methods below.

There can be so many reasons why you're unable to pay and some of these are:

1. Browser issues:

Sometimes, your browser can be a roadblock to your payment and you can overcome this by:

  • Clearing your browser cache:
    For example, if you use Chrome browser, at the top right, Click more tools, then click on "Clear browsing data" (you can select a time range to clear or select "All time" to clear all Cache). Then, next to "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files," check the boxes and finally, click on "Clear data".

  • Using the Incognito Mode:
    The Incognito mode has worked for a lot of our users and you can access the incognito mode by clicking on the menu button (at the top right corner) of your browser and selecting "New incognito window" or press Ctrl + Shift + N to start browsing in an incognito mode.

2. Bank/Card issues:

Banks may experience downtime at a specific time or your card may be unable to make payments due to unknown technical issues.

Here is a possible fix to this:

  • Try paying with another card:
    Since some bank cards may occasionally experience issues, if you're trying to make a payment with a card and it's not going through, paying with another bank card may be the perfect solution you're looking for.
    Note: Paying with someone else's card doesn't affect your enrolment in any way. As long as you are enrolling with your email, the card used does not matter, so, you can use a card from a family or a friend.

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