What is happening?

Banks in Nigeria have suspended international transactions on Naira visa debit cards since 1 August 2022, hence you might experience a failed payment. In order to address this payment problem, we have been actively looking into alternative payment solutions.

Why has this happened?

The scarcity of foreign exchange has forced the CBN to suspend international transactions on Naira debit cards (MasterCard and VISA). What this means is that you will not be able to make an international transaction on any of your Naira debit cards (MasterCard and VISA).

(NB: This regulation affects every dollar payment you want to make across every payment gateway- PayPal, Stripe, American Express, etc.)

How can I get around this issue?

  • Visit any of the tier 1 banks in Nigeria (Access Bank, GTBank, UBA, First Bank) to request for a dollar MasterCard.

  • Use the newly-collected dollar MasterCard to make payment

  • (The monthly limit on a dollar MasterCard is 1000 USD)

Other options?

In the meantime, our students have found success with these options listed below. Please note that any additional charges from external platforms are unfortunately out of EntryLevel's control.

1. Set the toggle to USD instead of Naira, where you can pay with PayPal or Stripe.

2. Ask a friend to help pay for you (but you have to give them your login information so they can pay from your account).

6. Barter by FlutterWave: https://barter.me/

9. Flux Virtual Card: https://iflux.app/cards/

10. Tribapay (Platinum Dollar Card): https://tribapay.com/

What are we doing to address this?

You can see our latest updates via twitter:

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