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Our biggest goal is to educate.

When we started, we tried selling our courses outright, as well as running them for free. In both cases, our completion rate was very low - our team has been in education for many years and this is a problem many online educators are having. People sign up to courses but lose interest the moment the work starts getting serious. We needed a way to motivate people to reach the end and the commitment bond was our solution.
When we implemented this model, our completion rates shot up. Would you believe they are now 10 times higher than the average completion rate of other online education platforms?

We are not trying to scam people by making it impossible to reach the end either. All you have to do is attempt the tasks - the course is not pass/fail. That means no blank submissions, and no plagiarism. Incorrect answers and attempts are fine! We understand that's part of the process!

If it's too hard, or not beneficial to you, we have a 7 day change of mind period (starting the day that the program starts) where we give you your money back no questions asked.

Hopefully this helps to alleviates some of your concerns, and explains how and why the model came about.

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