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Key Points

     You need a tracking code and a gmail account to track your website's stats using         google analytics.

     If your site does not have a tracking code, or you need to reset your tracking code,      Click here to have LinkedUpRadio set one up for you.

     Google Analytics allows you to view page clicks, visitior demographics, visit                   duration and more.

Key Topics

     Sign in to Google Analytics

     Request a New Tracking Code

Sign in to Google Analytics

     Step 1 - Go to SETTINGS > Google Analytics > Access Analytics

          Sign In to Google Analytics using your gmail account. (Note: If you are unable to           login, or have forgotten your gmail account name and password,
          Contact LinkedUpRadio for support.)

Request a New Tracking Code

     Step 1 - Contact LinkedUpRadio below to request a new Google Analytics tracking       code

          (NOTE: Setting up a new Google Anlytics tracking code will erase all past                       statistics and begin collecting data again from the time the new tracking code is            set.)

          Click Here to Request a New Google Analytics Tracking Code

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