The Registration Form is what users will see when they create an E-Club / Members account on your website.

Public side:

In the back-end of your website, you can manage the registration form - to update the Form Settings, and to add or edit fields for the form.

Updating the Form Settings

  1. Click Members, and select Registration Form.

  2. Set up the content in the editor. The content will display above the registration form on the website. You can leave the editor blank if you wish to not display any content.

  3. Optional: Enable / disable the options.

  4. Click the Update Settings button.

Admin side:

Adding and Editing Additional Fields

  1. Click Members, and select Registration Form.

  2. Select a field type. Listed below are the types you can choose from.
    - Address
    - City
    - First Name
    - Last Name
    - Gender
    - Phone
    - Phone 2
    - Province (Canada)
    - State
    - Zip Code

  3. Type in a name for your field.

  4. Optional: Set your field as a requirement for the registration form.

  5. Click the Add Field button.

  6. Rinse and repeat for any other fields you wish to add in.

Note: There is no option to set up your own custom field for the form. You will only be able to add in the available field types.

Preview the Registration Form

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