Campaigns are basic newsletters that you can send to members / subscribers, or to users who made a submission to a form with their email. You can send to specific users / members, or all of them - depending on the group you plan to send your newsletter to.

To start creating a new campaign, click the "Create New Campaign" button.

When creating or editing a campaign, there are five steps:

Step 1: Campaign Info

This is where you set up the information for your campaign. It is also where to can choose which group you wish to send your newsletter to - either it being your subscribers or the form respondents from a specific form.

Step 2: Content

You can set up your template and your content here. Your template is the banner graphic that shows up at the very top of your newsletter, while the content is the body of it.

Note: There is no option to set up ads from the Ad Manager for the content, but you can insert graphics of your ads or sponsors within it. You can set up as many as you want for your newsletter.

Step 3: Subscriber Filter

As the image implies, you can manage who will get the newsletters. It can be sent to everyone, or to specific ones based on what would be set up in the criteria.

Step 4: Testing & Preview

This is a very important step as this allows you to test and preview your newsletter - to test to see if there is no broken links / images, if there is no mistakes with information or text, or (in general) if everything looks correct. If you are happy with it, you can prepare to schedule your newsletter.

Step 5: Scheduling

Note: Once it reaches its set Send Date, your newsletter will be sent to your subscribers / form respondents. After that, you will not be able to make any more changes for the newsletter. However, you will still be able to make the adjustments for the newsletter if it had not reached the Send Date yet.

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