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This tool allows you to add images that will rotate usually near the top of your website in what we call the "Header". Jocks, ads, promotions and any other kind of images can be set up in the rotation, but the images themselves need to be a specific size before uploading them.

Public View:

Admin View:

The steps on how to set up a new banner / graphic in the tool are listed below.

  1. Click Tools.

  2. Select Rotating Headers.

  3. Upload your banner / graphic from your computer through the tool.

    1. Note: Each one needs to be the exact same size as listed in the green box, or they will not upload. The size may vary for each website.

  4. Optional: Set up a link to an External Page or Internal Page.

  5. Hold down the left-click on the blue "arrows" icon to move a banner / graphic to a different spot in the rotation. Clicking the red "trash bin" icon will allow you to delete a banner / graphic.

  6. Click the "Save Changes" button. Only recommended if you set up a link or moved your banner / graphic.

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