The Artist Library tool allows you to set up a list of artists on an Artist Library page, with two options you can choose and utilize. The page can be used to display artists that are played / represented on your radio station.

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How to Search for an Artist

The first option is to search for the artist. The Artist Search is pulled from the LAST.FM database. It is recommended to use this option over the second option, because it provides licensed images.

  1. Type in the name of an artist in the Artist Search field, then click the "Search for Artist" button.

  2. Select the artist that matches what you were looking for, and select an artist image in the same row of your selected artist. If you choose none of the images, the system will display a default icon for the artist on the website.

  3. Click the "Add Artist" button.

How to Manually Add an Artist

The second option is to manually add an artist. Note that the station is responsible for images uploaded with this option. This means that Envisionwise is not liable to any copyrighted material the station has uploaded.

  1. Type in the name of an artist.

  2. Optional: Type or paste in the link to the artist's website.

  3. Upload an image / photo for the artist. As mentioned above, the station is responsible for images uploaded through this option.

  4. Click the "Add Artist" button.

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