This tool allows you to set up or manage events that will display in your calendar page. Events are organized within a list in the tool, and they can be easily searched through the Search field at the far right. To create a new event, click the Add New Event button.

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Website View:

Admin View:

  • Current Events: Showcases the list of events currently live

  • Archived Events: Showcases the list of expired events

  • Advanced Calendar Settings: Provides the option to import events from another website in your group. If the events were set up to be shared, then this option is not needed.

  • Submissions: A quick link to the Submissions tool to manage event submissions created by users. For more details about the tool, click here.

  • Add New Event: Create an event to display on the calendar page

Editing View:

Listed below are the fields you can fill information or content in for your event.

Event Information

  • Event Title (Required): The name of the event

  • Event Website: A link to open to another page or website

  • Event Location: The location for the event - or where the event is taking place

  • Contact Phone: A phone number users can call on in regards to the event

  • Contact Phone: An email users can send a message to in regards to the event

  • Event Image: An image to showcase on the event

  • Details: The information about the event

Event Date and Time

  • Select any of the three choices to...
    - Specify a start and end time for the event
    - Specify a start time but no end time for the event
    - Make the event an all day event with no start or end time

  • Set up the Start Date and End Date - as well as the start and end time, depending on the option you selected above - for the event. This will display on the event's page on the website, and will affect how the event is displayed on the calendar page. This may vary depending on the template being used for the calendar.

Repeater Settings

With this option, you can have the event repeat in the calendar every week, month, or year so you do not have to worry about recreating the event multiple times.

Note: You would need to set the Event End Date for your event as more than one week, one month, or a year of the Event Start Date for the settings to work.

  • Does not repeat: The event will not repeat in the calendar

  • Annually: The event will repeat every year

  • Monthly: The event will repeat every month. You can choose which day the event will repeat on for each month.

  • Weekly: The event will repeat each week; or every two weeks, three weeks, or four weeks. You can choose which day(s) of the week the event will repeat on. The days range from Sunday - Saturday.

Publish Settings

  • Status: Set the event to be published on the calendar, or set it as a draft if you still need to set up the information for it.

  • Group Sharing: Set the event to be shared with the other websites in your group, or set it to keep it on one website.

Once you are finished, you can click the Post This Event button. The event will save, and will display in your calendar page - unless you set your event as a draft.

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