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This tool lets you search for concerts that are around your area, or you can add your own concert. This tool will also show you any concerts that you have already added beneath the searches, and adding your own.

How to Search for a Concert Using Eventful

If you choose to search for a concert, you will type in your Zip Code and then select the distance around your area you want to search in.

If you want to narrow down your search some more, you can fill out or adjust the additional criteria:

  • Keyword: Search for events that would match the word you had set up in the field

  • Category: Search for events based on a set category (e.g. Music, Holiday, etc.)

  • Date: Search for events happening today, this or next week, or on a specific month.

Once all set, click the Search Eventful button to get results on your search.

How to Add Your Own Concert

If you want to add your own concert, click the Add New Concert button and fill out the form - as shown below.

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