Step 1 - After adding your item, select the clock icon to access the pop-up                         scheduler

          In the scheduler, use the pop-up date pickers, or input the following information

               Begin Date - The date you wish the item to appear on the page.                                      Date Format: MM-DD-YYYY

               End Date - The date you wish the item to disappear from the page.                                  Note: The item will still be available on the admin side after its                                   end date.

               Time - The specific time that the action is to take place.                           Time Format: HH:MM AM/PM

          The clock icon will be replaced and a new icon will indicate the status of item

     Step 2 - Select "Add" or "Save Changes"

          Selecting "Add" will add the item to your page. Selecting "Save Changes" will
          save any changes made to existing items.

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