Step 1 - Select the gear icon

This icon is to the left of the stack item.

Step 2 - Edit the settings

The pop-up "Settings" box will appear containing item-specific settings and the general settings:

Item Specific Settings - Vary by item.
Item Display - Contains the settings for the entire stack item.

  • ID: The ID of the stack item. Can be copied and pasted in the Share Item ID field for another stack item. 

  • Visibility: Change the visibility of the stack item on your website.

  • Class Name: Apply CSS classes to your stack item to change how it looks or functions. If you need a special style set up for the item, you can contact us at or at 217-239-0975.

  • Share Item ID: Makes the stack item display the same content as another stack item. To achieve this, copy and paste the ID of one stack item into this field. This option may not work for all stack item types.

  • Background Color: Change the color of the stack item's background.

  • Background Image: Change the background of the stack item with an image. 

Item Headline - Contains the settings for the stack item's headline.

  • None: Turn off the item's headline from showing up on your website.

  • Text: Turn on the item's headline on your website. Has a field to change the name of the stack item and its headline. This affects both the back-end and on the website.

  • Image: Replace the item's headline on your website with an image.

  • Header URL: Apply a HTML link on the item's headline.

Item Styles - Contains the style settings for the elements in the stack item. Since the LinkedUpRadio / Envisionwise team had set up the styling for your website, you do not have to worry about using the settings here.

Step 3 - Select "Save Changes"

Selecting "Save Changes" will save any changes made to existing items.

Need More Help? Use the Support icon in the bottom right for help,

call us at 217-239-0975, or email us at

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