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Key Points

     Must be logged in as a jock user type

     Jock pages can be accessed on the public side on your personalities/jock            page in the drop down list

Key Topics

     Add a jock page

     Edit an existing jock page

Add A Jock Page

     Step 1 - Enter the name/title of the jock page

          This determines the name of your jock page.

     Step 2 - Select "Create Page"

          Your page will be created. An editor with the same name will be placed on the
          jock page by default.

Edit An Existing Jock Page

     Step 1 - Select the pencil icon next to the jock page you wish to edit

          You will be taken to the page items list for the particular jock page.

     Step 2 - Add items to the page

          Add a new item and/or edit the items on the page.

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