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Key Points

  • Must be logged in as a jock user type
  • Jock pages can be accessed on the public side on your personalities/jock page in the drop down list

Add A Jock Page

Step 1 - Enter the name/title of the jock page

This determines the name of your jock page.

Step 2 - Select "Create Page"

Your page will be created, and will be accessible from the jock's profile on the live website. An editor with the same name will be placed on the jock page by default.

Edit An Existing Jock Page

Step 1 - Click the Edit link next to the jock page you wish to edit

You will be taken to the stack item list for the particular jock page.

Step 2 - Add or manage stack items for the page

Add a new stack item and/or edit the items on the page.

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