If you need to learn or need a refresher on where and how to manage your E-Club Members, you can check out our article here: https://intercom.help/envisionwise/en/articles/2097133-subscriber-list

This is a feature that allows you to view the list of your Organization Members and their details. Depending on what members are in the list and what is their current Status, they will display in a Business Directory page.

Website View:

Admin side:

For each member in the Member List, it will display...

  • Business: The name of the business.

  • Phone: The phone number for the business.

  • Login: The e-mail used for the member account.

  • Contact: The name of the contact whose associated with the business.

  • Logo: A logo or graphic of the business.

  • Status: The status on if the member is currently "Active" or "Inactive" in the Business Directory page.

  • Yellow "Pencil" Icon: Clicking this will open a page to edit a member's account information.

  • Red "Trash Bin" Icon: Clicking this will allow you to delete a member from the list. Once deleted, there will be no way to get it back.

If you click the pencil icon next to a member, you can edit their account information. You can also update or change their Login E-Mail and Password for their account.

Edit Member Page:

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