This is a feature where you can manage or add categories for your tradio items to be placed under, or you can view your current categories and the items under them. 

Admin View:

How to Create a New Category?

  1. Select the Tradio tab.

  2. Click Categories.

  3. Within the green "Add Category" box, type in a name for your new category.

  4. Click the blue "Add Category" button.

Once added, an item can be set up under it through the Item List tool.

Can I View Items Under a Category?

Yes. In the back-end, click the "View Items" link next to a category to view the items that are categorized under it.

Admin View:

As shown above, it is similar to the Item List tool. For more information about the tool, click here.

Can I Delete a Category?

Yes. To the right of a category, there is a red "trash bin" icon. Clicking this will delete the category, and once it's deleted there will be no way to get it back.

Admin View:

If the category you are deleting has at least one item under it, a tool will open for you to move your items to a new category of your choice.

Once you select your category and select the blue "Save" button, it will delete your category and move its items to the new category you selected.

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