Admin Side:

This is a feature that displays a list of all of your Tradio Users. The list can be managed - to update the users and their information, and to view the items they put up for sale.

Tradio Users List

Here are what displays for each Tradio User in the list:

  • Username - Shows the names of the users who signed up. Clicking on a name will allow you to update a user's information.

  • Email - Shows the users' emails.

  • Phone - Shows the users' phone numbers

  • Member Since - Displays the date and year when the users signed up

  • Confirmed - Shows if they have clicked the confirmation link in their confirmation email.

  • Item List - Clicking the link will open the list of items a user had put up for sale. Click here to learn more about the Item List tool.

  • Red "Trash Bin" Icon - Clicking this will allow you to delete a user. Deleting a user will also delete the items they put up for sale. Once deleted, there will be no way to get the user and their items back.

Editing a Tradio User

Here are what can be managed for a user:

  • Username - The name of the user

  • Email - The user's email

  • Phone - The user's phone number. Left blank by default for new users, but a number can be added in.

  • Contact Preference - The user's preference of how they would like to be contacted.

If you make a change for any of the fields, you would have to click the blue "Save Changes" button. Clicking the red "Exit" button will take you back to the "Tradio Users" tool.

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