The best way to add audio to your newsletter is to link text or a graphic to the audio file itself.  

Step One:  Type the text you want to link or insert an image in your newsletter.
Example: "Click Here to Listen to a Sample Audio File"

Step Two:  Highlight the text (or graphic) and Click the link icon.

Step 3: A popup window will appear, Select "Browse Server"

Step 4: Navigate to the folder where your audio file is, or upload an audio file to the folder.  Double click on your audio file.  Note: keep your file names simple! No spaces or special characters. Some e-mail clients will not render file names properly otherwise. Best solution, keep file names simple. 

Step 5/6/7: URL should populate after you select file.
Optional, you could also set the Target to open in the "New Window (_blank)".
then, Click OK and SAVE.  

We strongly recommend you PREVIEW your newsletter an/or send your self a TEST Newsletter before sending to your entire database.

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