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If you use the file browser (or Browser Server), you may have come across a message saying, "The file browser is disabled for security reasons. Please contact your system administrator and check the CKFinder configuration file."

This message is appearing because of a login session error. The error occurs when you get timed out of your admin account - or automatically logged out after a set amount of time. The easy way to fix this is to just log out from the Admin - or the back-end of your website - and log back in. This will allow you to use the Browser Server normally again; although, you may have to reload, or close and re-open, the Browser Server if you still have it opened on your web browser so the fix can take effect. If the message is still showing up, refer to the social (Intercom) tab at the bottom-right corner of Admin; or contact us for help at (217) 239-0975 or

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