Before you can connect your YouTube Account or any YouTube Channel to Admin to function as a feed, you need an API Key first. The key is required so videos from the channels can work on your website.

Step One: Create a New Project on Google APIs

If you have a google account, go here:
From there, click on "Create Project".

Enter in a name for the project, then click on "Create".

Step Two: Go to YouTube APIs

Once the project is created, click on the Google APIs link at the top-left corner, select "Library" and click on YouTube Data API v3.

Once opened, click on the Enable button.

Step Three: Create Credentials

Credentials need to be created before you can use the API, so click on "Create Credentials".

For the two drop-down menus, select YouTube Data API v3 and Web server (e.g. node js. Tomcat), then choose Public data. Once all are selected, click on "What credentials do I need?"

Google will then generate a API Key for you. Now just copy the code from the field depicted below.

Step Four: Creating the YouTube Feed

On the Admin (or the back-end of your website), go to Social > YouTube and paste in your code in the field under "YouTube API Key" then click on "Save Key".

After that, you can add in YouTube channels to have them function as feeds. To do so, you have to copy a code from the channels' URL

Take this YouTube Channel URL as an example:

The code to copy would be what's after "channel/", which would be something like this:


Do make sure there is no slug / text after the code you copied or the Admin will not recognize the channel.

Once copied, paste it in the field in the green box labeled "Add Channel", then click on the "Add Channel" button. You should see the channel's profile picture, name, description and status listed under "Current Channels" if it worked.

All you have to do now is to create a YouTube Channel stack item on any page to be able to display the feed.

If you need to change what channel you want the videos to be displayed from or how many videos should be displayed, you can edit it in the setting by clicking on the Gear button next to the stack item.


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