This is a tool where you can manage and create Image Sliders, or flash galleries, for your website. Multiple sliders can be created, and they can be placed on any page.

The Image Sliders tool is only limited to websites using the Tableless layout. If you like to utilize this tool and wish to upgrade your website to this layout, you can call us at 217-239-0975 or email us at

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How to Create and Add an Image Slider to Any Page?

Step 1) Under Tools > Image Sliders, fill in the name and (though optional) a description for your new Image Slider. After that, click the green "Add Image Slider" button

Step 2) Click the "Edit Icon" next to your Image Slider.

Step 3) Use the green "Browse" button to add new images.

Note: For the best results, use the size indicated below the "Image" field.

Optional: Add links, captions, and descriptions for the sliders if desired.

Step 4) Click the green "Add Image" button.  Repeat for additional images.

Step 5) Add your Image slider to your desired page. In this example, we will add the Calendar Slider to the Calendar page

Under Menu & Pages, click Menu Pages > Community then select the "Edit Icon" for the Calendar Subpage.

Step 6) Add a new item name (ex. Calendar Image Slider) and select the item type as "Image Slider".  Then click "Add Item"

Step 7) Select the "Yellow Warning Icon" to the left of your new item and Select the Image Slider for this page. Then click blue button "Save Changes"

Optional: If you like to get rid of the stack item background behind your image slider on the front-end, under "Item Display" type in stack-override in the "Class Name" field. Click the "Save Changes" button and clear your browser cache once this is set. Click here for details on how to clear out the cache.

That's it, all set! Congrats - you've added a new Image Slider to your page!

Note: If you wish to disable the thumbnails for an image slider, contact us at anytime and we will be happy to make the change!

Need More Help? Use the Support icon in the bottom right for help,

call us at 217-239-0975, or email us at

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