If your station or a client need website statistics from Google Analytics on a timely basis - either it being daily, weekly, or even monthly - an email campaign can be set up. This allows you to automatically send out reports without having to manually export the data each visit.

Step 1: Setting Up an Email Campaign

Listed below is the process on setting up the campaign:

  1. Within any sub-section (i.e. Overview) under Audience, Acquisition, or Behavior, click on the Share button at the top-right corner.

  2. Set up the email(s) that will receive the reports

  3. Select the file type for the report

  4. Set how often the reports will be sent out
    - Once: Sends out a report once
    - Daily: Sends out reports every day
    - Weekly: Sends out reports every week on a specific day (Sunday - Saturday)
    - Monthly: Sends out reports every month; you can choose which day of the month you wish they be sent out on.
    - Quarterly: Sends out reports every quarter of a year

  5. Under Advanced Option, you can adjust how long the campaign will last. The maximum is 12 months.

  6. Set up some text for the body of the email

  7. Click the reCAPTCHA checkbox

  8. Click the Send button

Step 2: Managing the Email Campaign

Once your email campaign is created and had clicked the "Send" button, you can manage it in Schedule Emails, which is found under the View column in the Admin section. From here you can edit, extend or delete your campaign.

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