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How to Get Your Podcast on iTunes
How to Get Your Podcast on iTunes

How to Get Your Podcast on iTunes

Written by Brandon Gerber
Updated over a week ago

If you plan to upload your podcast onto iTunes and you are not sure on how to do it, the steps below will help you out on the process.

Step 1: Upload/Update Your Icons for Your Podcasts & Podcast Episodes

For podcasts and podcast episodes, iTunes require the dimensions for the icons be at minimum 1400 X 1400 or at maximum 3000 X 3000. If the icons do not meet the requirements, iTunes will not be able to recognize the podcast. If you haven't already, upload / update the icons to the required size.

Step 2: Retrieve your Podcast's RSS Feed URL

An RSS Feed URL is needed to upload your podcast on iTunes. To find it, on you podcast page on your website there is a link at the top-right labeled as "Subscribe". Clicking on it will take you to the RSS Feed page for your podcast, where you can copy the URL you will need for iTunes.

You can also find the feed when editing your podcast in the back-end of your Envisionwise / LinkedUpRadio website by clicking the "RSS Feed" button.

Step 3: Download and Create an iTunes Account

If you have not done so yet, download iTunes (you can find it here) and log in to your iTunes account - or create a new account if you do not have one yet.

Step 4: Submit Your Podcast to Podcasts Connect

  1. Log in with your Apple ID at iTunes Podcasts Connect.

  2. Click on the "+" on the left side of your dashboard to add in a new show to your directory.

  3. With the RSS feed URL you have copied, paste it in the field on the next page and click on the "Validate" button.

  4. If it came up invalid, jump back to Step 2 and fill out any missing details for your podcast.

  5. Once it is validated, make sure your podcast's details you filled out are correct. If everything is good to go, you can click the "Submit" button.

Step 5: Wait for Approval

Once you have your podcast submitted to iTunes, all you have to do is wait between 24 hour to two weeks until Apple sends you an email confirming your podcast is under review. If it was approved, you will then receive an email including a link to your active podcast.

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