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How to Edit an Image in the Browser Server?
How to Edit an Image in the Browser Server?

How to Edit an Image on the Browser Server?

Written by Brandon Gerber
Updated over a week ago

Let's say you need to make an edit for an image you have in the Browser Server. If you do not have an editing program like Photoshop to make the changes, you can use the "Edit" option on the server as an alternative.

How can I edit my image?

On the Browser Server, select the image you would like to edit. Once selected you should see a row of buttons at the top, with one of them being the "Edit" button. Clicking this button will bring up the tools you can use to adjust your image.

What do each of the tools do?

  • Resize: Change the size of the image.

  • Crop: Cut off and remove portions of the image.

  • Rotate: Rotate your image clockwise or counter-clockwise in a 90° angle.

  • Adjust: Change the lighting, saturation, sepia, and sharpness of the image.

  • Presets: Apply a preset to the image to change its appearance.

If you need to start over, you can click the Reset button.

If you are all set with the changes, you can click the Save button. You have the choice to either apply all the changes made for the image to overwrite it, or you can save it as a new image.

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