There are three ways to add an asset in T3. Only a Manager, Owner, or Admin- level role has the ability to add assets to a company portal.

Method 1 - Adding Individual Asset from Menu

  • Log into T3 and open the Fleet web app from the navigation bar across the top.

  • From the left navigation menu, select Assets

  • Select the Add Asset button.

  • Complete the List Your Asset form. 

  • Select Save Asset

Method 2 - Adding Assets in Bulk

  • Log into T3 and open the Fleet browser app from the navigation bar across the top.

  • From the left navigation menu, select Assets.

  • Select Bulk Add

  • The Bulk Add Assets window will display. Select the Download sample CSV file (recommended). Tip: Click the View Documentation button to open some helpful tips when adding your asset data to the CSV file.

  • The template will open. Complete the spreadsheet with your bulk asset information using the following table as a reference.

  • Once the asset information has been completed in the spreadsheet, click File > Save and be sure to keep it in a CSV format. 

  • Return to the Bulk Add Assets window and select Choose File and locate the CSV file you just completed. Click Upload

Reasons for Upload Error

-Not providing a required header/field.

-Uploading invalid Make, Model, Tracker, or Equipment Make fields.

-Using a duplicate Custom ID.

-Leaving the Model and Custom Model fields blank.

-Attempting to create a Class with a name already used by another custom Class in a different Category.

-Specifying a Color Coding value that is not in the presets.

-Entering an Equipment Model or Equipment Serial Number when the associated Equipment Make field is left empty.

  • Upon successful upload, the assets are added to your company's T3 portal and found in the assets table.

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