Drivers now have the option of using the EROAD Driver Portal to change duty status, when invited by their motor carrier, if they are away from the EROAD in-vehicle device. A driver must have an email address in order to use the EROAD Driver Portal. Registration is a two-step process. 

  • The motor carrier's back-office staff sends an invitation to driver(s) to register on the EROAD Driver Portal. 

  • The driver then receives an email notification to complete the registration process.

Completing the EROAD Driver Portal Registration

This article describes the steps that the driver must perform to complete the registration process.

  1. The driver opens the email message. (Note: Drivers might need to check their junk mail folder.)

  2. Tap the Sign Up button and complete the registration.

The EROAD Driver Portal Welcome screen appears so the driver can login and create a unique password.

  1. Tap the Create your password field and enter a unique password to access the portal. The password can be up to eight characters and should include one upper-case letter and one number or special character.

  2. Tap the Confirm your password field and re-enter the password.

  3. Tap the Continue button.

Changing Duty Status on the EROAD Driver Portal

Enter to access the EROAD Driver Portal when you are away from the vehicle and need to change your duty status to either ON or OFF. Other duty status changes must be performed on the in-vehicle device. The EROAD Driver Portal opens and displays the driver’s last duty status.

  1. Tap the duty status icon.

2. Tap the OFF or ON duty status. 

3. Tap the Location* field and enter your location as city and state (abbreviated).

4. Tap the Remarks* field and enter a comment about the duty status change.

5. Tap the Save button.

*(required fields)


See Invite a Driver to Use the EROAD Driver Portal to see the back-office steps preceding these tasks.

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