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What are pending timecards?
What are pending timecards?
Written by Hannah May
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Once a nurse has finished working a shift at your facility, they will submit a timecard in pending status. You'll be notified about submitted timecards through email and your mobile app.

You have two options when reviewing a timecard:

  1. Approve timecard - if there are no issues with the clock in, clock out time, and meal period, then please promptly accept the timecard. The CNA, STNA, LNA, GNA, LPN, or RN will be paid for the timecard during the next pay period.

  2. Reject timecard - if there are issues with the clock in or clock out time or another issue, then reject the timecard.

If you reject a timecard, you will need to select a reason for rejecting the timecard. Once you reject the timecard, the nurse or aide will be notified and have an option to resubmit the timecard with updated clock in/clock out times.

Every Wednesday morning, ESHYFT will auto-approve timecards in pending status for the previous pay period (Sunday 12:00am - Saturday 11:59pm).

Rejected timecards will be investigated by our team and approved or rejected, depending on the circumstances.

If you have any issues with approving or rejecting timecards please contact

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